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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Also known as Business Improvement Techniques (Black Belt), we deliver Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training internally to clients, offering a tailored approach to public and private sectors.

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Have you previously relied on expensive consultancy services or external support without retaining skills in house? Or worse, persevered with poor performance and fire-fighting, whilst opportunities to address waste and variation are left untapped?

If you and your organisation are committed to implementing Lean Six Sigma and would like to achieve a high level of practical knowledge through applying learning and accountability for action you should attend this course.

We have worked with many companies, who:

  • Want to maintain a competitive edge and improve performance by reducing waste and variation in their processes.
  • Want to see skills learned on training courses used effectively when individuals return to the workplace.
  • Don’t have the skills or ability to know where to start

Upon completion, you will see ROI from the training completed in the form of the successful delivery of a project and in turn a boost in individual confidence and morale for successfully achieving a reduction in waste.

Your company will also retain the skills learned and replicate them to improve performance on other projects.

A black belt qualification, the Level 5 Certificate in Quality Improvement is delivered in two parts. This is a four-to-six month long commitment to learning. A final report out and assessment post the successful completion of both parts of the 5 day course is required for qualification.

The course builds on the skills acquired at the green belt level and is structured around a learner’s real life project. The individual is therefore accountable for delivering improvements linked to achieving qualification. To help you succeed there is coaching support, peer networking and success ceremonies organised for company sponsors.

This programme will lead to:

  • Projects being realistic and aligned to key objectives.
  • Improvements focused on delivering value aligned to the needs of the Customer and Business.
  • Waste and variability being driven out of the system.
  • Your business developing the capability to replicate and transfer knowledge internally.

Individuals getting recognised through a formal qualification with the Institute of Leadership and Management - UK's largest awarding body for Leadership and Management qualifications.

Part 1

  • Minitab graphical analysis methods
  • Measurement systems analysis (MSA) methods - Destructive testing
  • Non-Parametric Hypothesis Testing
  • Tests for Equal Variance
  • T-Tests
  • Proportion tests
  • Chi-Squared tests
  • Introduction to hypothesis testing
  • Confidence intervals
  • Linear and Quadratic regression
  • Multiple regression techniques (Inc. Stepwise & Best subset)
  • Power and sample size
  • Full factorial DoE
  • Fractional factorial DoE
  • Blocking
  • Minitab optimiser
  • Introduction to DoE
  • DoE - Main effects for variance
  • DoE - Response surface methods
  • DOE Planning
  • Mathematical modelling techniques

Part 2

  • Project tracking
  • Benefit tracking
  • Deployment Communication
  • Candidate selection
  • Project review processes
  • Gaining buy in
  • Handling conflict
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Quality function deployment (QFD)

Assessment Day: As a learner group you will agree a due date for project assessment. We will schedule a choice of two dates to present your project - between 20 and 30 mins

Outcome: Achievement of Level 5 Certificate in Quality Improvement or points for improvement.

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Companies we work with

Network Rail
Rolls Royce
Sussex Police

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This course develops the key skills you need to advance your career.

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