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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Also known as Business Improvement Techniques (Green Belt), Coaching For Change deliver Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training internally for clients. We tailor our approach for each client, whether you are in the public or private sector.

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If you want to reduce your reliance on expensive external consultancy services and retain skills in-house, this training is ideal for you.

This course is recommended if you and your organisation are committed to implementing Lean Six Sigma and would like to achieve a high level of practical knowledge through applying learning and accountability for action.

We typically work with companies who:

  • Need to reduce waste and variation in their processes to improve performance and maintain a competitive edge.
  • Have sent individuals on specific training courses but not seen the skills acquired used effectively upon return to the workplace.
  • Don’t have the capacity or skills to know where to start with a waste reduction programme.

At the end of the programme your company would see a return from the training via successful project delivery. Your company will acquire skills to replicate the methodology on other projects to improve performance. Individual confidence and morale will be lifted by achievement and recognition in driving out waste and variation associated with a real project.

This is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt programme that is structured around a learner’s real life project. This means the individual is accountable for delivering improvements linked to achieving the qualification; they are offered coaching support, peer networking and success ceremonies to help them succeed.

This programme will lead to:

  • Projects being realistic and aligned to key objectives.
  • Improvements focused on delivering value aligned to the needs of the Customer and Business.
  • Waste and variability being driven out of the system.
  • Your business developing the capability to replicate and transfer knowledge internally.
  • Individuals getting recognised through a formal qualification with the Institute of Leadership and Management - UK's largest awarding body for Leadership and Management qualifications.

This is a four-to-six month long commitment to learning.

The programme is split into three blocks, gaps in between these blocks of learning are flexible but a minimum of four weeks are scheduled. This time allows delegates to apply course learning to their business improvement projects. At the start of blocks 2 and 3 there are project report outs from the delegates. A final report out and assessment post the course is required for qualification.

Block 1:

  • You will understand what lean six sigma is all about.
  • How to choose a project and generate a problem statement.
  • The pre-requisites of good measurement system
  • Understand the seven quality tools through 8D case study work
  • Have an understanding of DMAIC and the elements within it

Outcome: Be in a position to apply learning, challenge/confirm with your sponsor the project, start data collection, define problem statement, and identify team and metrics.

Block 2:

  • Group reviews of define and measure stage of your project
  • Lean introduction - Mass to lean business simulation
  • Value stream mapping techniques
  • Process Mapping and ICOR mapping techniques
  • Lean assessment tools
  • Understanding process variation and capability
  • Workshop design.

Outcome: Be in a position to apply learning, organise workshops to analyse processes and systems associated with your project.

Block 3:

  • Group reviews of analyse stage of your project
  • More depth on the lean tools - Visual Management, Standardised work, JIT, SPC, Mistake proofing
  • Implementation of control tools on the lean business simulation
  • FMEA
  • Value Stream Mapping - Future State

Outcome: Be in a position to apply learning, apply improve and control tools to your project and understand the expectations for qualification.

Assessment Day: As a learner group you will agree a due date for project assessment. We will schedule a choice of two dates to present your project - between 20 and 30 mins

Outcome: Achievement of Level 5 Certificate in Service Improvement or points for improvement.

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Companies we work with

Network Rail
Rolls Royce
Sussex Police

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This course develops the key skills you need to advance your career.

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