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Business Strategy

In today’s business environment strategy is more important than ever, there are few bad businesses but many bad strategies.  Coaching For Change work with executive teams to raise the level of strategic ambition and create clarity on the best strategic direction.

Many strategies fail to be effectively deployed in organisations. Why? Research published in the CFO Magazine shows the percentage of people who understand their organisation’s strategy. 

  • 71% Executives
  • 40% Middle Management
  • 3% Rest of the workforce

As a result, it’s not so surprising that many strategies fail to be effectively deployed!

As highly qualified business professionals we will provide you with the best advice and keep you one step ahead of the competition.  With our extensive knowledge and vast experience of developing skills across your sector.

We have developed a powerful set of frameworks, tools, dashboards and processes to take you on a journey to develop your strategy. This journey starts at the initial mobilisation and engagement required for any new strategy before moving into the development of unconstrained ideas and the uncovering of key strategic themes. Finally, a detailed strategy and its accompanying, sustaining processes are implemented within your organisation.

While laying out a roadmap for achieving goals, a good strategy can also succinctly articulate your core purpose. Whatever your core purpose, a strategy can help you by:

  • Creating an aspirational statement that you and your organisation can love and live by
  • Allowing all your staff to understand their contribution to your organisation’s success
  • Creating clarity, rationally and emotionally, to mobilise your talent against your biggest opportunities, and
  • Achieving clarity on your capabilities, both now and in the future

Our Business Accelerator Programme drives growth in your business through adoption of new business strategies.  The outcome is a strong, well-considered strategic plan.  This will support you to understand the current market position of your buisiness, to put in place organisational targets and, most importantly, be clear on how to achieve those targets.

Our Business Accelerator Programme closely examines organisation fitness, leadership, planning, customer focus, operations, finance, sales, business innovation, marketing and procurement.

Whether your strategic consideration is growing existing business, acquiring a new one through merger/acquisition or tackling new markets, we can help you with our wealth of experience.

Benefits Include:-

  • Reduce the risk of failure
  • Forces you to review everything at once! The big picture
  • Money is utilised thoughtfully and carefully
  • Milestones need to be set and reviewed as your company develops
  • Gives you clarity and focus on what needs to be done
  • Time management and resource check list
  • Gives you a vision
  • Reduce risk and time wasted
  • Focus on the valuable outcomes for your business
  • Vital for securing future funding

Strategy Workshops are usually a one-day sessions to get you and your team aligned around a strategic plan for your business.

Teams will leave with more clarity, focus and drive, as well as the right tools to stay on track.

A Strategy Workshop will start with an in-depth discucssion about the 'big picture' and then gradually narrow the focus, in order to help identify key opportunities that will most significantly impact your business.

  • Develop a road map for your business
  • Explore competitive advantages
  • Look at building a winning team to deliver the objectives that will drive growth
  • Improving internal processes
  • Develop a high-quality strategy
  • Create an action plan


We highly recommend that you follow up the strategy workshop with quarterly follow-up sessions.

This will:-

  • Check the business is implementing the actions set out in the first workshop and in a timely fashion
  • Brings outsider 'thinking' and connections to the business
  • Re-aligns the business if off track or needs to diversify

What does the planning project consist of:-

  • Goal Setting
  • Analysing the Situation
  • Creating the Strategy
  • Allocating Resources

What are the benefits of planning projects:-

  • Together, we will develop a road map taking into account what will and will not work for your business
  • We will explore competitive advantages in detail to understand your key strengths and how we go about communicating these
  • We will build a winning team to deliver the objectives that will drive growth
  • We will review and improve internal processes
  • We will help identify the key drivers that must be implemented for success
  • We will give you the confidence to redefine and work with you to implement

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