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Successful Sales Management

This course equips sales managers with the best techniques for providing individual sales professionals in their teams with the coaching and guidance needed to empower them to win business consistently, as well as tools for enhancing reporting capabilities and visibility into the pipelines of sales team members.

Are you:

  • Searching for a proven method to increase your internal ROI?
  • Needing to know where in your sales team more help is needed to increase effectiveness?
  • Having trouble achieving results, but you don’t know why the team is struggling?
  • Wanting to achieve results more quickly?

If so, then this course is for you. It is designed for high-level sales leaders and sales managers responsible for managing sales teams and helping their sales forces execute key selling strategies.

  • Establish a framework for common goals, a common vocabulary and a consistent sales process within your teams
  • Analyse the progress of sales strategies and offer your team productivity-enhancing insights based on those evaluations
  • Lead pipeline reviews that provide valuable insights and accurate forecasts
  • Identify areas where hands-on coaching within the team will deliver the greatest returns
  • Help sales teams focus on what’s relevant and avoid being side-tracked by dead-end deals
  • Document your sales processes, to ensure that your successes are repeatable

This course will enable you to quickly assess your team’s sales performance and pipelines and to coach them toward greater productivity. Improved accuracy in assessing sales objectives and in analysing sales funnels will enable you to pinpoint the areas where your salespeople should be concentrating their efforts for greater effectiveness. It will highlight and close the gap between where your sales team currently is and where they need to be in order to hit their targets.

For Deal Opportunities

  • Develop Opportunity Plan guidelines for sales team members
  • Uncover the benefits of using the Opportunity Plan to analyse SMART sales objectives
  • Identify what’s not currently working in your firm to support the Opportunity Plan process
  • Identify discrepancies in an Opportunity Plan and possible areas for team coaching
  • Conduct Opportunity Analysis by identifying missing, inconsistent, or uncertain information in Opportunity Plans
  • Identify the positive selling behaviours desired of your sales staff and determine where coaching is needed

For Sales Pipelines

  • Overlay your sales process and the customer’s buying process to ensure increased forecasting accuracy
  • Analyse sales pipelines in light of sales objectives and what’s in the sales funnel
  • Use coaching to help sellers focus on sales objectives opportunities and meet sales targets
  • Understand better how to conduct sales pipeline and sales funnel Reviews

The Benefits Of Participating In This Course

You will learn how to coach, reinforce, and inspire by using the right opportunity management strategies and tactics with your team.

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This course develops the key skills you need to advance your career.

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