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Practical Problem Solving

The ability to solve complex problems is crucial, having a clear understanding of the problems faced, the required objective and delivery timeline is key.

This course will provide you with the skills required to apply the A3 and 8D process effectively, you will know how to describe a problem, its nature, scope and impact, understand how and when to use the seven quality tools and the importance of visual management techniques, propose and evaluate solutions to prevent problems recurring, communicate findings and recommendations to colleagues and senior management.

  • CQI

  • Project Managers
  • Project leaders
  • Change agents
  • Continuous improvement leaders
  • Anyone accountable for leading or supporting problem solving efforts

This course develops the key skills you need to advance your career.

This course will provide you with an understanding of the fundamental tools, techniques and structured methodologies for problem solving and the capability to participate as a member of a problem solving team, applying all of the key tools to support the development of robust and sustainable solutions, structured around a case study problem. Delegates will work in teams on the case study and be challenged to make sense of data and not jump to conclusions. Its fun role play type learning environment. At the end of the workshop delegates will have the confidence and way of thinking to ensure problems are tackled in a systematic way.

The course will deliver the knowledge that helps develop key skills required to solve problems including:

  • Overview of problem solving methods
  • "Walk" through an A3 real life example
  • COPQ - Cost of Poor Quality understanding - Problem Selection
  • Defining the problem
  • 5W's and 1H & IS/IS NOT
  • Building a team
  • Team dynamics
  • Developing a charter
  • Commence initial analysis
  • 1st of the seven quality tools
  • Identifying the many variables
  • Understanding containment and identifying actions using the case study
  • Comparative analysis (IS/IS NOT) using the the case study
  • 2nd to 7th quality tools
  • Permanent actions / givens and wants
  • Validation, Confirmation and Behaviour

  • Lead and facilitate A3 and 8D problem solving activities
  • Complete an A3 and 8D Problem Solving Template
  • Apply a problem solving toolkit [7 Quality Tools]
  • Recognise and deal with issues of Team Dynamics and Challenging People
  • Practice Effective Stakeholder Management
  • Significantly reduce the risk of problem recurrence

Be able to deliver project better and faster

We have a proven track record in helping organisations reduce costs whilst improving performance output. You will be shown first-hand the tools and techniques we use, sharing our experiences across a variety of sectors of what's worked well and what hasn't. You will learn skills to become a leader of change that can drive your organisation or client to become a leaner, innovative and better performing company.

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This course develops the key skills you need to advance your career.

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