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Strategic Leadership Masterclass

In an increasingly uncertain and complex business world, why do some organisations fail while others succeed?  How do you create a strategy that aligns with your competencies and culture?  How do you sustain a competitive advantage?

The Strategic Leadership Masterclass course aims to help you answer the above questions by boosting your strategic thinking skills.  The training programme provides a strategic framework through which your organisational strategy can be integrated and implemented for sustainable strategic success.

By attending the Strategic Leadership Masterclass course you will be sure to achieve a tangible business impact.  As a delegate you are encouraged to bring a strategic challenge your organisation is currently facing to the programme.

Through a blend of contemporary theory, strategic analysis, peer-to-peer discussions, case analysis and practical application, you will apply your new skills to this challenge and leave with an action plan for change.

The content of this Strategic Leadership Masterclass course is a follows:

  • Strategic positioning
  • Industry structure and analysis
  • Strategic capabilities
  • Business model development
  • Value creation
  • Organisational culture and strategy
  • Strategic choices
  • International strategy
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Mergers, acquisitions and alliances
  • Strategy implementation
  • Managing change

You will benefit from attending Strategic Leadership Masterclass if you are moving into a significant leadership position and facing the challenge of developing executing strategies in complex environments.

This Strategic Leadership Masterclass course has been designed for mid to senior executives and managers who are responsible for strategic planning, general management, or acquisitions.  Managers of marketing, operations or other functional areas who aspire to take on strategy-focused responsibilities will also benefit from the course.

On completion of Strategic Leadership Masterclass you’ll benefit from the following skills:

  • How to develop organisational strategies to create competitive advantage and value creation.
  • How to engage in business model innovation.
  • How to navigate the dynamics of increasingly unpredictable value chains.
  • Ability to understand the ways in which the environmental factors that influence strategy.
  • Ability to understand the impact of organisational resources and capabilities on strategy and organisational success.
  • Learn how to avoid strategic mistakes.

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