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CMI Level 7 Certificate in Professional Consulting

This course will provide you with effective tools, techniques and structure for individuals in a senior capacity looking to develop their professional consultancy abilities developing their strategic skills within consulting such as organisational structure and culture, entry and diagnosis, communicating strategies for consulting and group dynamics and facilitating skills.


  • Senior Consultants (Internal and External)
  • Senior Managers (wanting to adopt a consultancy style)
  • HR and OD Business Partners
  • Project Leaders
  • Change Agents
  • Continuous Improvement Leaders

This course develops the key skills needed for practising or aspiring Senior Managmeent Consultants, wishing to formalise or develop their learning and progress on to Chartered Managmeent Consultant (ChMC).

Our Consulting Toolkit helps you develop the key skills required of a consultant including:

  • Operating as a consultant
  • Stages in the consultancy cycle
  • Problem-solving
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Developing compelling proposals
  • Presenting findings and recommendations
  • Implementing change successfully
  • Networking
  • Influencing skills
  • Marketing consultancy services
  • Create a robust strategic plan
  • Conduct a strategic planning project
  • Identify your strategic options
  • Manage your stakeholder effectively
  • Increase your know-how with top management consulting tools

Course Units

720 - Principles of Professional Consulting
721 - Leadership in Professional Consulting
722 - Practice of Professional Consulting
723 - Leading Innovation and Change Through Professional Consulting
724 - Personal and Professional Development for Professional Consultants
725 - Professional Consulting Expertise
726 - Delivering Client Requirements Through Professional Consulting

The course is delivered Face to Face, In-House or through a Virtual Learning Environment and features a range of resources, including:

  • Live delivery
  • Reading material
  • Video
  • Exercises both individual and group
  • Role Play
  • Feedback
  • Online materials from CMI.
  • Q & A.
  • Online discussion board with other learners.

Our CMI qualification comes with three different certifications:

  • Award is the shortest and most concise qualification – this requires completing one assignment.
  • Certificate provides a broad base of knowledge and skills and this requires completing two assignments.
  • Diploma provides a comprehensive and extensive programme of learning and requires completing six assignments.
  • Extended Diploma provides the highest and most comprehensive level of learning for this qualification consisting of all seven units, and typically takes 18 months. Aligned to the Chartered Management Consultant Competency Framework, achievement of all units provides a pathway to completing ChMC (Chartered Manager Status) assessment.

Tutor support is given after completing the course.

  • Developing the essential skills and competencies to work as a professional consultant
  • Learn to work effectively in complex client systems
  • Increased self-awareness
  • A range of consulting styles that put the client at the centre
  • The ability to listen effectively and create a safe space for your client
  • Create a culture that empowers clients to retain ownership of both the problem and the solution
  • Learn how to practically apply fundamental processes and strategies when advising clients.
  • Create self-sustaining client systems
  • Demonstrate to future clients that you are a highly capable professional consultant, with the ability to offer advice, thereby improving your ability to win work.

We are fully accredited by the CMI, ILM and CQI.  We are aware all organisations have different needs and budgets, we are able to tailor our programmes to meet your specific needs that enables learning to be applied practically in your workplace.  Our tutors will be flexible when tailoring courses, as our goal is to deliver courses that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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