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Contract Negotiation Skills

Whether navigating everyday life or thrashing out a high powered deal, strong negotiation skills are the key to success.  

This course will also teach you the key fundamentals of being a good negotiator and securing the best deals, whether you are buying a car or securing a complicated television deal for Formula 1.

This course will draw on the tutor’s wealth of experience in doing both simple and complex deals during his career in the sport and media industry.  

Covering the tricks of the trade, as well as what to watch out for from the other side, the course will demonstrate that negotiation does not have to be confrontational and that a good deal should benefit both parties.  

The course will teach participants how to negotiate to get the best possible deal in the most effective manner. It will outline best practice theory and reinforce it with internationally proven class exercises and case studies.

Improving your negotiation skills will deliver quantifiable value to both your organisation and to you personally.

Anyone whose job includes negotiating this includes those that buy/procure and sell as part of their jobs. If you could save even 1% on your costs, or add 1% to your revenues, what kind of difference would that make to your organisation’s bottom line?

This course develops the key skills you need to advance your career.

The Sales & Marketing Academy has been created for sales professionals by a sales professional, it focuses on growing confidence and capabilities, as well as providing participants with a wide range of pragmatic tools that can be immediately implemented within any sales environment.

Within the workshop we cover 3 main modules of contract negotiation;

Introduction to Negotiation

  • What is a negotiation
  • What is a deal
  • Essential negotiating theory
  • Should I make the first offer?
  • Different Negotiating Styles and how to handle difficult negotiators
  • Objectivity

Making Deals Win-Win

  • Relative Value
  • There is more than one tradable currency
  • Exploring the deal from all angles

The Negotiating Cycle

  • Preparation
  • Opening
  • Negotiating including how to counter offers
  • Closing

  • To immediately enhance negotiating skills on finishing the course
  • To understand the theory of better negotiation, including win-win deals
  • How to create additional value in any deal
  • Learn about different styles of negotiation and how to deal with them
  • How preparation leads to better negotiation

We have a proven track record in helping organisations reduce costs whilst improving performance output. You will be shown first-hand the tools and techniques we use, sharing our experiences across a variety of sectors of what's worked well and what hasn't. You will learn skills to become a leader of change that can drive your organisation or client to become a leaner, innovative and better performing company.

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Ready to start your journey?

This course develops the key skills you need to advance your career.

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