We work hands on in the workplace, using a coaching and mentoring style to ensure ownership is established internally.

The methodologies and approach we use are all designed and aligned to drive change that meets your specific needs. We don't "sell" anything - we work together to find solutions and deliver value. Our approach ensures accountability for improvements in Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, People and Productivity metrics.

At the core of our approach is the development of a strong working relationship with our clients to enable us to help you reach the next level of growth and development.  We align the development of our consultants with the Institute of Consulting (IC) standards to ensure we always apply the latest thinking and best practice to support the clients we work with.

Clients engage us to:

  • Challenge traditional thinking with organisation design.
  • Troubleshoot and lead supply chain improvements.
  • Advise and support with strategy and delivery of lean six sigma and cultural transformation programs.
  • Coach and mentor leaders of change using innovative CLAW 360 methodology.
  • Design and implement bespoke performance management systems.
  • Design, develop and deliver customised accredited training.
  • Develop visual management systems driving performance improvements in Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery & People
  • Facilitate workshops. (Organisation design, Benefits Management, Kaizen, etc.,)
  • Train people in business improvement techniques and provide qualifications.
  • Work “hands on” in the workplace transferring skills and best practice. 

Our Consultancy Services


We carry out what we call a "deep dive", assessing facilities, process and people. You will receive an unbiased view of your performance and opportunities, benchmarked against "best in class" metrics for your sector. You may have already assessed your operational, transactional and supply chain performance with benefits identified. In which case we would work with you to prioritise improvements and ensure projects are clearly defined, holding us accountable as service providers.



To engage your people in the necessary change to realise business benefits, it is fundamental to have a core competence of change leadership and improvement methodologies within. Developing leaders that create a passion for change, communicate the vision, constantly articulate the benefits in a clear and concise way, provide support and deliver to plan is crucial. Our interactive training and courses are carefully designed and developed to involve personnel at all levels to think and behave differently. Our coaching and training drives accountability for action and delivers business benefits.

We use a performance management system to define roles and responsibilities, create competencies per role type and measure accordingly. Not just competencies but behaviour too. The system has goal tracking, enabling individuals to establish and progress goals against the competencies and behaviours gap closure plan. Goals are reviewed during weekly coaching sessions to drive performance improvements. 


Wherever you are in the cycle of assessengage and sustain we use coaching techniques to transfer knowledge. We coach individuals to become leaders of change, providing them with the tools and techniques required to change their leadership behaviour. They will also apply coaching techniques themselves, encouraging solutions and ownership from others. This is fundamental to achieving and sustaining business transformation change and benefits. The metrics established in the assess stage are indicators for sustainment levels.

We facilitate (using a standard 12 week plan) the implementation of visual management centres, underpinned by clear governance (effective meetings) that will ensure continuous improvement efforts are maintained and progressed through PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) thinking and systems.


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